This collection of Tip Sheets and written materials are geared toward the school setting, but can also be helpful for community organizations and families. Our entire collection of Tip Sheets is available on The Dougy Center's website. 

Group of Friends

Supporting Students After a Death

As a teacher, school counselor, support staff, or administrator, it’s likely you’ll work with a student grieving the death of a family member or friend. Supporting anyone in grief can be intimidating, and especially so....


Back to School With Grief

Children and teens spend the majority of their time at school, and they take their grief with them when they go. For some, returning to school is comforting. They find support in the structure, familiarity, connections with friends, and the opportunity to focus on...


Grief Responses of Students

Everyone grieves differently so students’ reactions to a death will be impacted by a variety of factors:

· Age and developmental level of the student

· The relationship, if any, with the person who died...

Talking With Children and Teens

About Tragic Events

Based on our experience, here are some things for adults to keep in mind as they talk with children following tragic events, such as natural disasters, plane crashes, or school shootings. Don’t project your fears... 

Supporting Students When a Family Member Has an Advanced Serious Illness

If you’re a school staff person, you will likely encounter a student who is living with the anxiety of a family member’s life-limiting illness. You will have the opportunity to be a support person for your student, providing empathy...

When Death Impacts Your School

Lessons adapted from the books Helping the Grieving Student: A Guide for Teachers and When Death Impacts Your School: A Guide for School Administrators. Talk with the bereaved student before they return...

School Based Activites After a Death

Here are a few active ways schools can support students and teachers after the death of someone in the school community. Activities can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your school, including culture, ethnicity, and spirituality...


Supporting Children and Teens After

a Suicide Death

Explaining suicide death to a child or teen can feel overwhelming and intimidating. As adults, we often want to protect them from the stigma and shame that can accompany such a death. Here are some tips... 

Best Friends

Supporting Teens After the Death of a Close Friend

A best friend knows you in a way no one else does. When you’re a teen, this connection can be particularly unique and intense. Between school, texting, and social media, teens are in constant contact with each other. As they work... 

Happy Kids Huddle

Grief at Any Age - Developmental Responses

While everyone grieves differently, there are some behaviors and emotions commonly expressed by children depending on their developmental level. No matter how old a child is, it can be helpful to read through... 


Now What? Tips for Grieving Teens

Grief can get messy. When someone dies, most of us don’t know what to do, how to talk about it, or even how we’re supposed to feel. It’s confusing and strange. It can be awkward to try to connect with other people...


Your Friend is Grieving - Ways to Help

Suggestions for kids, teens, and adults who want to support a friend who is grieving. Whether they had a parent, sibling, partner, close friend, or other family member die, you might be wondering what to say or do...

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